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Saniflo first engineered its “SFA technology” in 1957 when it invented the concept of the Saniflo upflush toilet. Today, they are widely known as "macerating toilets," or more commonly, "upflush toilets," but Saniflo invented, then perfected, the concept.

Traditionally, toilets flush gravitationally, letting the water flow down, beneath the toilet, then to your stack. The Saniflo toilet system discharges out the back of the commode and into a macerator, which is sitting inside a pump. The pump then sends the ground sewage up through PVC pipe, right to your existing stack. The benefit is that you can build a bathroom anywhere for a fraction of the cost of installing pipes, which is particularly useful for setting up basement toilets. Saniflo also built its toilet system as a true DIY project with the goal of a four-hour installation.

But does this really work? Yes, and it’s awesome.

Still, the Saniflo toilet lineup is thorough, so let’s review all the different options.

There are five main Saniflo toilets that make up the bulk of units in the market today: The SaniPLUS, SaniBEST Pro, SaniACCESS 3, SaniACCESS 2, and the SaniCOMPACT. The most common residential applications call for the SaniACCESS 3, and the most common commercial applications call for the SaniBEST Pro, but we’ll give you a complete overview here. You could also take our product finder quiz if you wanted a more interactive way to find your match. For any of these Saniflo toilets, you can buy just the macerator pump by itself or an entire Saniflo Toilet System (complete with pump, bowl, and tank).  Accessories like the extension pipe and SaniAlarm can be added, but are optional and not required for a Saniflo toilet to function.

Historically, the SaniPLUS has been the most widespread and recognizable Saniflo toilet. It succeeded in setting the gold standard for residential upflush toilets. Today, the SaniACCESS family is actually a better option. SaniACCESS 3 and SaniACCESS 2 are the SaniPLUS, but with added accessibility to the pump in the event of a clog or any other complication. Your Saniflo toilet should last you more than a decade before needing any replacement parts, but when the time comes, you’ll be thankful for the access that the SaniACCESS units provide.  Pick the SaniACCESS 2 if you just need a half bathroom (Saniflo toilet and sink), or the SaniACCESS 3 if you need to add a shower or bathtub to make it a full bath.

The Saniflo toilet for commercial applications or to expand a rental property is the SaniBEST. This is beyond the strongest Saniflo toilet in the lineup and can pump 25 feet vertically and 150 feet horizontally. Perhaps more importantly, the full horsepower macerator gives confidence to the fact that the unit can grind anything that would normally find its way into a commode. Sanitary napkins, dental floss, q-tips, are all no problem. Want to have a Saniflo toilet in a commercial space or rental property and still want to sleep at night? The SaniBEST Pro is your answer.

Saniflo Toilet

The SaniCOMPACT is a Saniflo toilet made specifically for a small space. The pump, tank, and toilet are all one combined unit, saving space with a compact package. This unit is probably the easiest to install as well since it doesn’t have a ventilation requirement, but it can only handle a half bathroom—meaning you can still hook up a sink to the SaniCOMPACT, but if you want to add a bathtub or shower you’re going to need a different Saniflo toilet like the SaniACCESS 3 or SaniBEST. That said, some customers have gotten a SaniCOMPACT for one end of their bathroom and installed a Saniflo gray water pump, like a SaniVITE, to install a bathtub on the other side of the bathroom. Clever applications like this might require multiple pumps, but can push the limits of what a SaniCOMPACT could do on its own.

The Saniflo SaniCOMPACT COMFORT is another one-piece Saniflo toilet that integrates the pump inside the toilet itself and removes the need for a tank. The SaniCOMPACT COMFORT is a European style toilet that hangs from the wall. If you already have a toilet that hangs from the wall but want to integrate the macerating effect you get in Saniflo toilets, we have a solution in the SaniPACK—a macerating pump that allows you to hook up a pre-existing wall-hanging toilet.

In the same regard, Saniflo’s SaniGRIND allows you to retrofit any non-Saniflo toilet to Saniflo’s SFA macerating technology and turn it into an upflush toilet. The SaniGRIND is the same power as the SaniBEST Pro, so again, there is no worry about having enough power. The one thing you will want to understand about the SaniGRIND is that because it connects to standard, bottom-discharging toilets, it needs to be installed at a vertical level below the commode itself.

Saniflo SFA macerators aren’t just limited to the Saniflo toilet line-up. The gray water pumps all have the same gold-standard macerating technology built for non-toilet functionality. Saniflo toilets have also expanded into a full line of marine and RV toilets as well.

Most Saniflo toilets can be placed behind the wall for a better aesthetic with the optional extension pipe. This is not necessary at all but we find most people like the look of a Saniflo toilet with the extension pipe attached, since it looks almost exactly like a more traditional toilet for guests. If you’ve installed a Saniflo new toilet we’d love to see your work on social media, please use #upflush so we can find, and show off, your work!

All Saniflo toilets come with an extended 3- year full manufacturer’s warranty if you register, so you can feel safe with your purchase.


While the Saniflo toilet uses new and exciting technology, there are several other factors that set it apart from other units on the market. Here are a few of the most prominent:

  • Quality. Saniflo toilets are made of durable, high-quality parts. This means they last for years and require very little maintenance. As such, they’re ideal for anyone who wants a unit they can install and then not think about for years.
  • Selection. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you can find a unit that suits your purposes in the Saniflo selection. Offering models at all price points and with a huge selection of functions, Saniflo is one of the most diverse and flexible brands on the market today.
  • Versatility. Ideal for residential or commercial applications, the Saniflo Toilet system works in rental properties, office buildings or your home. Durable macerators and extended pumping distances make several units in the lineup ideal for even intense, daily use.
  • Retrofit Capabilities. Want a Saniflo toilet but don’t want to invest in an entirely new unit? Options like the SaniGRIND make it possible to retrofit even a non-Saniflo toilet system and make it a macerating unit in just a few hours.

UpflushToilet was started 12 years ago by a Master Plumber who was looking for the most discerning macerating technology that could save customers money on new bathroom installations. Saniflo toilets were the answer for Larry back then, and today Saniflo continues to be the only true consideration for upflush toilets.  This is why, despite the requests of other vendors, UpflushToilet supplies only Saniflo toilets to our customers.  Please contact us today to speak with a Saniflo toilet expert about your project and find the right product match for your project, or enjoy shopping for the items below.