Saniflo Systems allow you to install a
bathroom anywhere in your home
without any major construction.

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SaniFlo System: How It Works

With the amazing SaniFlo systems, you can install a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room almost anywhere with minimal construction! Here is a quick video of how it all works:

Learn more about how a SaniFlo macerating system will allow you to install a bathroom anywhere in your home.

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Upflush Toilet Advantages


You can put in a new toilet or full bathroom anywhere from attic to basement with the SaniFlo macerating/pump system. And unlike other systems which need a minimum of 30" clearance and accessibility at all times for servicing, with SaniFlo you only need the space of a regular toilet and no servicing!  


Your labor costs are a fraction of traditional sewage tank/lift pump installations. Your floors stay intact. No breaking. No mess. No plumbers coming in for weeks with the house ripped apart.


With SaniFlo, you can have a whole new bathroom in less than one day! Since you only need a small diameter pipe, which can be run virtually anywhere, in 6-8 hours you're all set. 


The units can also be moved at a later time. Have a temporary need and your situation changes? Moving it to another location is no problem since its 'footprint' is rather small. You can easily take it out and move it leaving only 4 tiny holes.

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Saniflo Overview

If you’ve ever heard of Saniflo, you know it’s the gold standard in quality and reliability.

Offering a wide selection of macerators including upflush toilets, grey water pumps, grinder pumps, marine and rv toilets, and condensate units, Saniflo is go-to for households that want to add an extra bathroom but aren’t interested in laying expensive plumbing to facilitate it.

Eco-friendly, affordable, and simple to install, Saniflo offers simplicity, accessibility, and quality in one elegant package.

But what makes Saniflo so unique, and why should you consider purchasing one of these units for your home?

Here’s a brief overview of Saniflo as a whole:

The History of the Saniflo

SFA Saniflo is more than 50 years old. Borne from the mission to make adding an additional bathroom simple and economical, “Saniflo” was a pioneer in the plight to allow any homeowner, anywhere to add the kitchen, bathroom, and utility facilities they want, wherever they want.

The biggest factor that allowed Saniflo to emerge as a leader in simple bathroom installs was its invention of the now-famous macerating toilet system. Unlike traditional toilets, which discharge gravitationally, Saniflo macerating units discharge out the back of the toilet.

The discharge then lands in a macerator, which grinds the sewage into a fine slurry, which can then be pumped upward, then into the home’s existing stack. Saniflo’s macerating units are affordable and easy to install and don’t require a homeowner to rip up their flooring or install expensive plumbing to make the unit work. Our customers routinely report saving over $9,000 by leveraging the Saniflo upflush system.

In addition to convenience, Saniflo is known for its durability, quality, and advanced technology. All of Saniflo’s many products comply with strict approval processes and advanced technical requirements, so they are some of the best units you can introduce into your home, business, or rental building.

In addition to producing macerators and pumps specifically for upflush toilet systems, Saniflo also specializes in a wide assortment of grey water pumps and grinder pumps, as well as condensate removal. The full line of pumps makes it easy to install something simple like a wet bar, or even run your entire home on a

The Saniflo Promise

Saniflo takes the process of maintaining its excellent products seriously. To this end, the company’s R&D team is consistently working to innovate a suite of high-tech products that meet the strictest environmental and technological standards of the industry.

This insistence on quality has allowed Saniflo to emerge as a leader in the field, and to produce a truly versatile group of products that are well-suited for everything from home to commercial use. In fact, the brand’s grinders and pumps are even used on boats and in multi-family housing!

In all of their products, Saniflo is deeply committed to the ideals of innovation, efficiency, quality, and user-friendliness.

Why Choose a Saniflo Unit for Your New Bathroom?

The Saniflo system is a unique one. Cost-effective, easy to install, ideal for a variety of households, and well-suited to both half- and full-bath additions, the Saniflo brand doesn’t require expensive plumbing or timely remodels. Other than just wanting to save $10,000 on a new bathroom, here are a few additional benefits of choosing a Saniflo unit:

  • Flexibility. Want to add a basement bathroom? Maybe you need a bathroom on the lower level of your home or in the attic, for that matter. Regardless of what you’re facing, Saniflo has a unit that’s the perfect option for you. Unlike traditional toilet systems, which require a large clearance area, the Saniflo system uses a minimal amount of space and can go in virtually anywhere.
  • Affordability. The Saniflo system is affordable to purchase and install. In addition to the fact that labor costs are far lower than those associated with a traditional toilet install (especially since you don’t have to hire a plumber), the Saniflo system also allows you to install a new toilet without demolishing your floors, creating a huge mess, or dubbing a portion of your home a construction zone. All these things help keep more money in your pocket.
  • Simplicity. Installing a Saniflo unit is simple and straightforward, and can be completed - from start to finish - in about 6-8 hours. Chalk this up to straightforward design and small diameter pipe!
  • Movability. If you’re planning to sell your home or move in the upcoming years, you can take your Saniflo toilet with you. This obviously isn’t true for traditional toilet units. Luckily, this capability allows you to take your investment to your new home and keep using the Saniflo system you enjoy so much.

The Best Saniflo Toilets on the Market

If you’re considering purchasing a Saniflo unit for your home, you’ll want to spend some time reviewing the various options. Right now, these five Saniflo units are the best on the market:

1. The SaniPLUS
2. The SaniBEST Pro
3. The SaniACCESS 3
4. The SaniACCESS 2
5. The SaniCOMPACT

Each unit offers different features and functionalities. Learn more by finding the unit you’re interested in on this handy chart:

Unlike many other brands on the market, Saniflo makes it possible to purchase the macerator pump alone, or to buy the entire unit, which includes the tank, pump, and bowl. As you decide on the unit you want to purchase, you’ll also have the chance to choose Saniflo accessories, including extension pipes and alarms, although those are optional additions.

Saniflo: Your New Bathroom’s BFF

A new bathroom means a new Saniflo unit. Ideal for virtually all installations, and ideal for a vast selection of uses, the Saniflo Toilet is one of the most flexible, affordable, and straightforward toilet units on the market.

Whether you’re looking to install a new bathroom in your basement or make a half bathroom into a full bathroom, complete with a shower, sink, and toilet, Saniflo has a product for you.

Durable, designed to last, and easy to install - even without the help of a plumber, the Saniflo toilet is a welcome addition to the world of upflush toilets at large, and an exciting upgrade to your home, office, or rental space.

To learn more about the Saniflo toilet line, or to find out which unit is right for you, take our Upflush Toilet product finder quiz. You can also contact our team of customer service representatives, who will be more than happy to help you find the perfect toilet system for your purposes - whatever they might be!