Saniflo Cost Comparison

Please note that the below Saniflo prices are reflective of calendar year 2018.

This Saniflo pricing comparison is intended to help you choose the best system and to compare the overall Saniflo cost against standard toilet plumbing installation. has a 100% low price guarantee, meaning that you can be confident that you are getting new, unused products at the lowest Saniflo price available anywhere.

Lots of people are turning to Saniflo bathroom products as a way to bring down the cost of the average bathroom installation – which can run from between $10,000 - $25,000! Much of that cost is associated with demolition and new plumbing, which Saniflo bathroom products do not require.

Because of this, our Saniflo systems have the potential to save you thousands of dollars on your new bathroom install. This page will compare the various Saniflo systems and contrast our top-selling models so you can make a purchasing decision that suits your budget and needs.

Our Top 4 Sellers

Let’s begin our Saniflo cost comparison with our top four bestseller Saniflo systems:


The SaniPLUS model is our classic residential model and our top seller. Its suggested retail price for a full system with bowl and tank is $1,314.00 (elongated) or $1,280.00 (standard); although we sell all products at the lowest price allowed by the manufacturer, so you get a 15% discount: $1,116.90 (elongated) or $1,088.00 (standard). The complete system includes the following:

  • SaniPLUS macerating bathroom pump
  • White toilet bowl (standard or elongated)
  • White toilet tank
  • A FREE soft-close toilet seat!
  • An optional extension pipe for behind-the-wall installation
  • An optional SaniAlarm to monitor unsafe water levels.

Adding an extended bowl, SaniAlarm, or extension pipe to this model will increase the cost. If you just need a replacement pump for an existing system, the retail price is 928.00, but of course we sell it at only $788.80. 

SaniACCESS (SaniACCESS 3 and SaniAccess2)

Our SaniACCESS 3 Toilet system is one of our top-sellers.  It’s essentially the SaniPlus, meaning it has the same residential gold-standard functionality for full bathrooms, but with the added benefit of easier access to the pump in the event of an unplanned clog or emergency maintenance.  Suggested retail pricing on full systems including bowl and tank is $1,329.00 (elongated) or $1,295 (standard).  We are able to sell them at the lowest prices allowed by the manufacturer, providing a 15% discount: $1,129.65 (elongated) or $1,100.75 (standard).  It can be bought as a single pump, or as a full system.  It can also be bought just as a stand alone pump with the retail price $980.00, or from us for only $833.00.  The system includes the following:

  • SaniACCESS 3 macerating bathroom pump
  • White toilet bowl (standard or elongated)
  • White toilet tank
  • FREE soft-close toilet seat!
  • An optional extension for behind-the-wall installation

Our SaniACCESS 2, along with the SaniAccess 3 model, also adds accessibility to the pump.  While the SaniACCESS 2 is ideal for half-bath installation, the SaniACCESS 3 is for full-bath installations. A full SaniACCESS 2 system retails at $1,192.00 (elongated) or $1,158.00 (standard) but can be purchased from UpflushToilet for only $1,013.20 or $984.30 respectively.  A replacement pump retails for $843.00, but as an authorized distributor we can sell it for 716.55.

The SaniBEST Pro

The SaniBEST Pro is a commercial-grade pump. It’s more durable and more powerful than many of our other models. While it’s one of the strongest macerators we offer, it’s a little louder than its residential equivalents, which makes it ideal for rental properties and commercial spaces. Its suggested retail price is $1,481.00 (elongated) or $1,447.00 (standard), but we sell it for the lowest price on the internet, providing a 15% discount, or $1,258.85 (elongated) or $1,229.95 (standard).  It comes with the option of adding an elongated bowl or extension pipe. It can be purchased as a stand alone pump retailing for $1,132.00, but UpflushToilet is able to offer it for only $962.20. The SaniBEST Pro System includes the following:

  • SaniBEST Pro heavy-duty macerating bathroom pump
  • White toilet bowl (standard or elongated)
  • White toilet tank
  • FREE soft-close toilet seat!
  • An optional Saniflo extension pipe for behind-the-wall installation
  • An optional SaniAlarm to monitor unsafe water levels.


The SaniCOMPACT is smaller than our other Saniflo models, and is a one-piece unit. It’s also easier to install due to its convenient self-filtration system. One of our lowest-cost Saniflo units, this model retails for $1,075.00, but you can buy it from us at a 15% discount, or $913.75.  It includes the following:

  • SaniCOMPACT self-contained toilet bowl and macerating system
  • FREE custom toilet seat built specifically for the SaniCOMPACT.

Other models to consider include the SaniStar (perfect for those going for a modern look), the SaniGRIND to match traditional plumbing toilets with upflush technology. Or you can look to the the SaniCom1, SaniVite, SaniSwift, and SaniShower, which are ideal for people who want to install a kitchen, wet bar, utility sink, or laundry unit, for a fraction of the price of running pipes.

To learn more about our various Saniflo systems, or to assess the Saniflo price for the unit that would best serve your individual needs, please contact us today. You can also find Saniflo's full lineup of Saniflo products here.