For a simple half bathroom, just a toilet and a sink, the SaniCOMPACT is the simplest solution.
The SaniCOMPACT is a beautiful, self contained toilet unit, with the pump hidden inside and just one connection for a sink.


SaniFlo macerating pumps best for full-bathroom installs are the SaniPLUS, SaniACCESS 3 or SaniBEST. The SaniPLUS is our best-selling, quiet macerating pumping system that's ideal to install a complete bathroom in your home. The SaniACCESS 3 is a newly redesigned version of the SaniPLUS with modular compartments inside for instant access to the motor and blades, so in the rare case of a clog, you can clear it instantly with no mess. The SaniBEST is a heavy-duty grinding system for use in either residential or commercial high-traffic applications. If you're not sure which one is best for you please see our comparison guide or just contact us!


The SaniSHOWER is a small, inexpensive SaniFlo pump which serves to add a shower to an already existing half bath, thus converting it to a full bath. 

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