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Do you dream of a basement bathroom or shower? An added bathroom in your master bedroom? In the gameroom? In the kid's room? Is a first floor laundry impossible? Now there's a solution for practically any discharge problem in plumbing. It's a line of fixtures designed and engineered to perform perfectly in unusual situations. Whether you’re just looking for basement bathroom ideas or you want to solve a tricky plumbing problem to improve the functionality of your home, Saniflo upflush technology can be the answer.

Although the Saniflo upflush toilet might be most commonly found in a basement bathroom, you can put a complete bathroom, bar, laundry or kitchen without expensive structural changes or custom piping equipment anywhere you want! 


A good quality upflush toilet from Saniflo for starters! When planning for your basement bathroom, you also need a supply of water, a source of electricity, a small discharge pipe (only 3/4 to 1"), and someone skilled in installing plumbing.

You don't need to break up the floor!

You don't need to drop a ceiling!

You don't need custom equipment!

A plumber can install an upflush bathroom toilet in hours or a complete basement bathroom in just a day. Since we offer the best customer service online, with free phone consultations, our customers can decide if they want to save money and do and put the bathroom toilet in themselves. 


Of course, if you can install a regular bathroom toilet and you have the existing plumbing for it, you don't mind the mess for a few weeks, and can wait a while for a contractor to get to you, then that is the way to go. 

But sometimes an upflush is truly much better for your bathroom. Consider situations like:

  • You may not have underground drain lines available for your new basement bathroom.
  • You don't want the house torn apart with construction dust and debris everywhere for weeks or even months just for a bathroom.
  • You need an extra bathroom quickly and know that some contractors can drag out a job.
  • You don’t need a permanent toilet but do need a bathroom to resolve a temporary elderly or handicapped needs situation. 

In cases like these, an upflush toilet can be the perfect bathroom solution. There is no need to worry about tearing up walls, floors, and ceilings to install many feet of new pipe. You can have your new bathroom ideas become a reality in just a day or two, instead of weeks or months. And if you’re in need of a toilet only because you have adult kids moving back home or elderly relatives moving in for a while, you can install a Saniflo toilet easily and then remove it just as easily as your family’s needs change. 


Yes, let's compare price:

  • Broken floors?
  • Ruined carpets?
  • Dust and dirt everywhere?!
  • Installation cost and time?

Comparing price tag to price tag, macerating systems are admittedly higher priced than a traditional toilet system. But it’s crucial to realize that's not the whole story. You have to look at the bigger picture when comparing costs with conventional fixtures. The Saniflo macerating toilet system offers several benefits that actually end up saving you money in the long run.

For one, you need to compare not just the price of the fixture, but total costs of the installation. Remember that you are solving a complicated problem the easy way with an upflush unit. The total cost of an upflush unit is usually much, much lower because contractors and plumbers can work quickly due to the ease of this installation. Plumbers can take up to a week or more to install toilets where no lines are available like for a basement bathroom. But with a Saniflo upflush toilet, plumbers (and most handy homeowners) can complete this installation in hours! 

It also saves you time. Perhaps you need a new bathroom quickly to accommodate aging parents or adult children or grandchildren moving into your home; or maybe you need extra space for a growing family’s needs. Selecting a Saniflo toilet system is a near immediate solution to your problem. There’s no waiting weeks or months for a contractor to get your project on their schedule. You can have your basement bathroom ready for use on your schedule, not someone else’s.

You can also avoid the huge expense of (and the mess) of breaking up and refinishing your walls and floors in the aftermath of a home improvement project. In many cases, adding a Saniflo upflush toilet can transform an area of your home into the bathroom space you need without the trouble of major construction or renovation work. Because there’s minimal space required, the Saniflo toilet is ideal for tight or awkwardly shaped spots where a traditional toilet installation would require too much demo and renovation.

And finally, your Saniflo upflush toilet system isn’t a permanent installation. If your situation changes and you want to reclaim that space you used for a basement bathroom, the Saniflo system can be removed. A Saniflo upflush toilet offers the maximum in flexibility and affordability, while still providing you with convenience and durability.


An upflush toilet has been engineered to solve common basement bathroom installation problems. While the interior of the toilet is outfitted with durable and hardworking machine parts, the exterior appearance is a fashionable complement to any decor.

The main difference from standard fixtures is the upflow toilet’s discharge system, whose key components are a macerator/pump and a small-diameter pipe. The powerful macerator has a rotating blade that shreds and grinds solid material like human waste and toilet paper. When mixed with flushing water, solid material changes to a fine slurry which moves upward through a narrow pipe with ease. The macerator/pump is sealed for life and requires NO maintenance! And no waste sits inside the unit like other brands, alleviating concerns about odor in your basement bathroom. 

A quiet electric-powered pump moves the fine slurry upward under pressure. The small-diameter discharge pipe (as small as 3/4" across) solves many structural problems as it can be run virtually anywhere. The fine slurry moves easily through this pipe to the normal sewage system, septic tank or holding tank. 

The best to way to understand how the upflush system works for your basement bathroom ideas is to start by watching this quick introductory video:


Then check out our Product Comparison page for specifics on each product's features and differences.


There are several Saniflo product models available to meet your needs. The macerating box is the main component in all the upflush units for bathrooms. Each product listed states what comes with the macerator, such as a full toilet (i.e., the SaniPLUS,SaniBEST, and SaniCOMPACT). No other bathroom fixtures are included. We offer a range of Saniflo products for basement bathrooms to ensure you have options that fit your family or business needs, whether you need just the macerating pump or a full toilet system. 


Yes. These upflush units are amazingly dependable and trouble-free for your basement bathroom. Durable metal blades are precision-made and designed to power through flush after flush for years, so you can have confidence in your purchase and your toilet system. However, please make sure to follow the care instructions, and do not use harsh hydrochloric acid bowl cleaners. These can be too aggressive and slowly eat away at rubber parts, threatening the integrity of your Saniflo upflush system.

The bottom line is Saniflo is the only brand we carry because it is the only upflush toilet brand recommended by master plumbers. Period.


We’d be happy to help you realize your basement bathroom ideas! Use our live chat feature to ask one of our specialists, email us at or call us at 1-855-726-4222 and we will answer any additional questions you have. Our knowledgeable team understands basements, common bathroom problems, and how the Saniflo system can solve them.

Talk to us about your basement bathroom need, and let’s discuss how a Saniflo system can be the most affordable and easiest-to-install solution. Whether you’re looking to permanently increase the number of bathrooms in your home or just need an immediate solution because an aging relative is moving in, you can trust Saniflo products to provide years of reliable performance with quiet, odorless, and trouble-free operation. 


Browse our full line of Saniflo products to see which one provides the ideal solution for your bathroom needs. Shop for an upflow system that will give you the home bathroom, commercial bathroom or rental property bathroom space you need without requiring extensive plumbing work and construction.

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