Product Comparison

Which SaniFlo upflush is right for you?

Use our simple chart to choose which elements you want to connect (toilet, sink, shower, bath, laundry, washing machine, etc) and how far your discharge pipe will have to run (up and long), and you have the right SaniFlo for you!


SaniFlo upflush products in more detail

Now that you can compare each product side by side with the quick chart overview, here is some more specific information about the features of each model.

Full Bathroom

The most popular SaniFlo models are the SaniPLUS and the SaniBEST.
The main difference between them is that the SaniPLUS is less powerful and intended for controlled, household use, while the SaniBEST can be used in high-traffic, commercial situations without fear of blockage. Also, the SaniBEST has the added versatility of a laundry machine and laundry sink connections.
SaniFlo SaniPLUS vs SaniBEST Comparison Brochure
Click here for full SaniPLUS product specs and prices.
Click here for full SaniBEST product specs and prices.

Half Bathroom

For a simple half bathroom, just a toilet and a sink, the SaniCOMPACT is the simplest solution.
The SaniCOMPACT is a beautiful, self contained toilet unit, with the pump hidden inside and just one connection for a sink.
SaniFlo SaniCOMPACT Comparison Brochure
Click here for full SaniCOMPACT product specs and price.

Laundry, Kitchen or Shower/Bath

For "grey water", you can use the SaniSHOWER or SaniVITE models. 
The main difference between them is the SaniSHOWER is much smaller and has fewer connections. It is only intended to connect a sink and/or shower. The SaniVITE is much more versatile and appropriate for a dishwasher, laundry machine or a full bath or shower.
SaniFlo SaniSHOWER vs SaniVITE Comparison Brochure
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