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The Saniflo system is a one-of-a-kind macerating toilet system, and these Saniflo reviews prove just how much people love it! When it comes to macerating toilets, Saniflo not only invented the concept but perfected the gold standard technology over the last several years. The company is committed to providing consumers with functional solutions to their need for an additional bathroom fixture in their home or office without the need for major renovations or even a professional plumber. Our customers love the many benefits they get from choosing Saniflo products. 

The Saniflo Difference

For decades, the team at Saniflo has been dedicated to developing the most modern toilets available. In addition to coming out with this innovative new toilet technology, the company continued to refine it so that buyers could be assured of having the most reliable, durable, and quiet toilet models available. And with no complicated installation requirements, Saniflo offers the most affordable toilets, too, allowing you to add a half or full bathroom in places that would previously require major renovation and a plumbing system overhaul. When you use a macerator and a pump to remove waste, installing a complete bathroom becomes fast, simple, and inexpensive. As if that weren’t enough, a Saniflo macerator is also a straightforward DIY solution for homeowners that takes only about 4 hours to install. By producing an item that is so user-friendly, the company ensures that this solution is one of the most widely accessible and most affordable. 

Users Love the Benefits

There are many reasons that people turn to Saniflo toilets for their homes and businesses. And it’s easy to see why in the reviews below. Our upflush toilet systems are easily adaptable and can be placed in locations where a traditional bathroom and associated plumbing pipes aren’t a viable option because of the cost or the construction that would be needed. Typical toilets require very specific placement to ensure they can work with gravity to move wastewater through. This can make it hard to determine the best place to install one in your home without calling on contractors and plumbers. An upflush toilet doesn’t require any excavation or advanced plumbing knowledge to install it. Because it isn’t dependent on gravity to work, this kind of bathroom system can be a more viable option, especially if the final location is someplace that’s relatively non-traditional, like a basement. 

Traditional bathroom fixtures can require a lot of time to install and also require construction work, including plumbing and excavation. Instead, a Saniflo system can be in place within just a few hours. There’s no need to break into walls or open up the floors. There are no minimum clearance requirements and no purchase beyond the Saniflo kit. The system fits in a typical toilet space and no part of it sits behind walls, making any unlikely need for maintenance or repair work quick and efficient. 

Our system is affordable, too. There are no construction costs or exorbitant plumbing costs associated with installation. You can purchase the pump alone or buy a complete kit with everything you need to install a toilet. This makes planning your project nearly effortless. There’s no need to wait for plumbers or contractors to coordinate or get you onto their calendar for service. Simply decide which of the Saniflo products is right for you, place your order and enjoy quick delivery, and you can have your new toilet ready to use that same day!

The macerator pump that drives the Saniflo system is durable and designed for many years of problem-free performance. In fact, your Saniflo system can last up to ten years or longer! The inner mechanics are made of basic parts and function with simplicity, so any maintenance or repairs that may be needed can typically be addressed by you, without the need to call a plumber. This makes our upflush pump and toilet a convenient and low-maintenance choice for any business homeowner or business owner who needs the functionality and convenience of an extra bathroom without the expense and hassle.

And what’s more, our toilet systems are removable. Perhaps your need for an extra bathroom is to accommodate your adult kids or parents moving into your home temporarily. You need that additional bathroom but don’t have the time or budget to build one from scratch. Provide all the comforts of a complete bathroom without having to undertake major renovations or construction. As your family’s needs change, you can simply uninstall the toilet system, leaving behind no mess or repair work. If you ever move out of your home or business location, you can uninstall the toilet system and take it with you. The Saniflo toilet can be reinstalled in a new location. Removing it is as easy as the installation was. As you can see, this makes the Saniflo products more than just an improvement in your home--they’re an investment, too. 

Options for Every User

Saniflo has several types of upflush toilets in its product line. This ensures that you can find the ideal solution for your needs. Whether you need to buy just the macerator pump or you want a complete toilet kit, including the bowl, tank, and pump, we make it easy. Get more out of your home or business by installing another half or full bathroom exactly where you need it, even in typically hard-to-work-with areas like a basement. Our customer service team is always happy to assist with any questions you may have. We’re committed to ensuring that your experience with our macerator pumps and upflush toilets meets your expectations. 

But don’t take our word for it-- hear from others who have installed our best toilet in their own homes and businesses. You’ll see that not only do we offer high-quality products but that we are also committed to providing our customers with a high level of service, making the overall experience from shopping through purchase, delivery, and installation a breeze. Check out the reviews below and learn more about the benefits of the best toilets available from Saniflo.

Saniflo 5 Star Review


Greg H. from Louisiana on Jul 15, 2012

“We put the SaniBEST in our offices here, and it gets used ALL THE TIME from everyone drinking too much coffee lol. But it works great, no issues, would definitely put another one in.”

Saniflo 5 Star Review


Aaron V. from Washington on Aug 14, 2012

“We have major clogging issues with our other toilets, but this one works great. I've never had a problem with it.”

Saniflo 5 Star Review


Monte H. from Alabama on May 01, 2013

“Got to my house in 3 days. I was shocked! Just top-notch ecommerce site all round. Thank you guys!”

Saniflo 5 Star Review


Andrew C. from Florida on Jan 03, 2013

“As a plumber, I've installed many SaniPluses before, always had a great experience. For this customer, I recommended the SaniACCESS because they have kids and they worried about them throwing stuff in the toilet and clogs all the time. But with this model, I just showed them how to open it and clear it out themselves. So far, no clogs they said, but the $100 bucks was worth the peace of mind to them. I now recommend the Access over the Plus to all my customers, just for that feature.”

Saniflo 5 Star Review


SandyVictim from Nassau County on Oct 27, 2013

“When the lower level of my house was flooded from superstorm sandy, my life was turned upside down. Among the many rooms destroyed, was the basement bathroom. It was always problematic anyway since the bowl sat on an 8-inch platform of concrete, making it seem like a royal thrown. One that required a delicate balancing act just to make sue of. 

When I found SaniACCESS system, I realized this could solve these problems. However, with insurance money tight, I had to find a reasonable vendor. I found that in Their staff was knowledgeable, price was reasonable, and their shipping fast. They made sure all my concerns were flushed down the drain. They were even very helpful with returns when I ordered an extra part, not knowing the exact location since the walls weren't built when this was ordered. Thank you I highly recommend them and their products.”

Saniflo 5 Star Review


Bob D from Washington on Mar 03, 2015

“I built a full bathroom in our basement. I purchased the Saniflo 3 System
I installed a bath tub and sink and everything works great. I did hire a plumber to do the hookups. Total bathroom completed was $3000.00. The best estimate I got from contractors was $12000.00. By doing the framing. drywall and minor electrical I saved at least $9000.00!”

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