Saniflo Macerator Pumps

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The Saniflo macerator pump is the heart and soul of the Upflush system. Designed to turn unused spaces into complete bathrooms and use 38% less water per flush than a standard low-flow system, the Upflush toilet stands apart from the crowd.

What You Need to Know About the Saniflo Macerator

The Saniflo macerator is what separates an Upflush system from a standard plumbing system. Compact, efficient, and hygienic, the Saniflo macerator pump also allows the hookup of a sink waste pipe, which transforms unused spaces into half baths quickly and simply. Here are some fast facts about the Saniflo pump and macerator system:

  • Macerator pumps are easy to install
  • Macerator pumps are largely maintenance-free and come in a sealed unit, which makes them easy to manage
  • Macerator pumps can help you install a full bathroom in a place where it never would have been possible before without full-scale plumping
  • Replacement macerators are available to replace failed pumps. This saves you from having to purchase a completely new unit

Does the Pump Really Work?

If you mean “Will the pump remove waste and look, feel, and perform just like a normal toilet?” the answer is yes! While macerator pumps move waste differently, they aren’t that different from regular toilets. While they’re easier and cheaper to install, it’s generally pretty hard to tell them apart from a standard toilet.

They’re a fantastic addition to a woodshop, kid’s room, guest room, basement, attic, closet or any place you need a half or full bath but can’t find the time, money, or space to install a toilet.

More Efficient Households, One Pump at a Time

If you’re looking for a way to make your household more efficient and user-friendly, a Saniflo macerator pump might be the perfect option. Designed to help you enjoy full-bathroom functionality anywhere you go, our simple units are designed to be user-friendly and convenient.