Basement Toilet Systems with Bathroom Pumps

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If you’re considering installing a basement toilet, it’s essential to find the right basement bathroom pump for the job. Here at UpflushToilet, we offer a wide variety of items, so you can locate the right toilet pump for your upcoming installation. Whether you’re working to add a half bathroom, a full bathroom, or even convert a half bathroom to a full, we have the toilet pump you need.

Check out the chart below to learn more about some of our most popular items. To learn about other applications not covered here, you may wish to try our Product Finder Quiz to help you identify the right solution for your need.


Just to add a simple half bathroom (defined as a toilet and a sink only), the SaniACCESS 2 is the most standard and specific solution from Saniflo; but the SaniCOMPACT also gets the job done.
The SaniCOMPACT is a beautiful, self contained toilet pump unit, with the pump hidden inside and just one connection for a sink. It's easy to install and simple to use.
The SaniACCESS 2 is also a half bathroom system with a more standard-looking commode.


The SaniFlo macerating pumps that are best for full-bathroom installs, or those with toilet, sink, and bathtub or shower, include the SaniPLUS, SaniACCESS 3 or SaniBEST. The SaniPLUS is our best-selling, quiet macerating pumping system that's ideal to install a complete bathroom anywhere in your home. With these units, you can add a toilet to your basement or living space, without installing expensive plumbing.

The SaniACCESS 3 is a newly redesigned version of the SaniPLUS with modular compartments inside for instant access to the motor and blades, so in the rare case of a clog, you can clear it instantly with no mess. The SaniBEST is a heavy-duty grinding system for use in either residential or commercial high-traffic applications.

If you're not sure which of these basement bathroom pumps is best for you please see our comparison guide or just contact us!


The SaniSHOWER is a small, inexpensive Saniflo pump which serves to add a shower to an already existing half bath, thus converting it to a full bath. A popular basement bathroom pump, this unit is easy to install and ideal for half-to-full bathroom conversions.