Advantages of the Upflush Toilet

Upflush Toilet Advantages


You can put in a new toilet or full bathroom anywhere from attic to basement with the SaniFlo macerating/pump system. And unlike other systems which need a minimum of 30" clearance and accessibility at all times for servicing, with SaniFlo you only need the space of a regular toilet and no servicing!  


Your labor costs are a fraction of traditional sewage tank/lift pump installations. Your floors stay intact. No breaking. No mess. No plumbers coming in for weeks with the house ripped apart.


With SaniFlo, you can have a whole new bathroom in less than one day! Since you only need a small diameter pipe, which can be run virtually anywhere, in 6-8 hours you're all set. 


The units can also be moved at a later time. Have a temporary need and your situation changes? Moving it to another location is no problem since its 'footprint' is rather small. You can easily take it out and move it leaving only 4 tiny holes.