The Saniflo SaniCUBIC 2 Grinding Pump: Dependable Performance

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The Sanicubic 2 is a powerful, all-in-one macerating unit designed to facilitate entire bathroom additions in a commercial, residential, or rental setting. Capable of pumping vertically up to 36 feet and connecting your space’s sink, toilet, shower, bath, washing machine, kitchen sink, laundry sink, or dishwasher to a single, convenient unit. 
Pre-assembled and ready to be installed in your home, the Sanicubic 2 meets the demanding requirements of a busy commercial space or retail building. Equipped with two 1-HP motors, you can trust that the Sanicubic 2 will continue to work hard for years to come. And given its two-year full manufacturer warranty, you can trust that maintenance will be limited. Ideal for spaces that need a bathroom far beyond the main sewage line, this pump is a favorite among commercial clients.
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​​Type:    Macerating/Grinding Pump

Product #: 029
Ideal Use: Entire Home Addition 
Sometimes Called: SaniCube
Features and Benefits:
Pumps vertically up to 36 ft
Connects a toilet, sink, shower, bath, washing machine, laundry sink, kitchen sink, and dishwasher 

Product Includes:
SaniCUBIC 2 macerating/grinding pump

Options Include:
Descaler: cleaner, removes hard water deposits in macerator

Specifications & Installation Manual:
SaniCubic 2 - Official Manual

Product Description:
The SaniCUBIC 2 is a pre-assembled heavy-duty duplex grinder pump that meets the demanding needs of commercial and residential sewage applications.  The duplex-grinder system made of stainless steel liquefies solids into small particles prior to being passed through the 1-1/2" discharge.  It is designed to handle multiple waste fixtures for applications such as residential single or group homes, commercial buildings, schools and many more.

This new system consists of two 1-HP motors housed inside a compact but highly durable plastic enclosure.  The Saniflo GRIND Pro is more powerful and durable than a shredding or macerating system. The pump uses a pressure activated grinding system to reduce solids to liquid slurry gray water and is ideal for high-volume applications or intermittent use with a pressure activating grinding system.          

The SaniCUBIC 2 operation is as simple as the installation.  The effluent enters the pump through one of five different inlets – one on either side of the unit at the bottom and three along the top.  The inlets can accommodate 1-1/2" or 4" diameter pipes.  As soon as the waste water level reaches the trigger point, the pumping system activates.  The effluent is then pumped out through 1-1/2" diameter rigid pipe connected on the top of the pump.  

The compact SaniGRIND Pro is ideal for systems below the main sewage line. The pump is capable of pumping waste water up to 25 vertical feet or 150 feet horizontal feet with gravity fall. Reduce solids including sanitary napkins, q-tips, and other items to an easily pumped slurry with this powerful system.
The powerful SaniGRIND Pro reduces solids to a slurry and includes an efficient, self activating micro-switch. The system can be used for toilets, sinks, dishwashers and even washing machines (with an indirect connection) to process greywater.
Warranty: 2-Year Full Manufacturer Warranty
Extended 3-Year Warranty with Product Registration (

How It Works: 
The inside of the SaniCUBIC 2 comprises of a couple of pressure switches and a circuit board assembly, which starts and stops the unit, and of a couple of motors, which drive the stainless steel cutting blades and the pump.  The motors are sealed for life in an oil filled enclosure.  A common spindle/shaft drives the impeller and the macerator blades.  The moving parts therefore are kept to an absolute minimum.  Water and organic waste matter that enter the enclosure are reduced to slurry and are picked up by the impeller mounted beneath the motor.  

The two grinders inside the SaniCUBIC 2 are engineered to operate alternately.  They each take turns handling the waste water so that neither is more heavily used over time than the other.  However, if either pump ceases to operate, the other pump will run full-time until servicing can eliminate the problem.

One of the many features of the Sanicubic 2, is the smart-pump operation.  A single pump is able to handle up to 50 gpm.  If the incoming rate is higher than the discharge rate, the pump automatically signals the "overload" stage.  This will activate the second pump and both pumps will operate simultaneously until the condition is alleviated.  When both pumps are in operation, the discharge rate increases roughly 80%.  In this event, a visual LED alarm on the unit will switch to red as well as the mounted audible alarm will go off.

Note that the effluent pipe leading into the pump has to be installed with the required ¼" per foot gravity flow.  There must be a 10" height difference (from pump to connecting fixture) if the drain is connected to the bottom inlet.

The waste water from other sanitary fixtures is discharged into the SaniCUBIC 2 via five 1½-inch or 4" inlets, on either side of the housing and on the top of the enclosure.  The internal discharge pipes come equipped with check valves that prevent back flow into the unit.  Isolating valves (ball, gate valves) must be installed on waste inlets and on the discharge pipe to ensure that any service/maintenance may be carried out safely.

This unit has been designed with a 1-1/2" vent connection on the top of the enclosure.  All plumbing codes require connection to a vent system.  Please note that the vent system should be a two-way air vent.  The use of mechanical vents, air admittance valves or similar devices are not permitted as these are considered one-way air vent systems. 

Plumbing Code Certified:
The SaniCUBIC 2 has been certified to American and Canadian Standards. Macerating standard; US: CSA Certified & IAPMO (UPC) listed - ASME A112.3.4, CA: Macerating Standard CSA B45.9. 

The SaniCUBIC 2 is ordered as a single unit only.  No other fixtures are included.