Macerator Pumps

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Here you will find all macerating pumps for any function. Looking for complete toilet systems?  Click here instead.

A macerator pump can change how you think about plumbing. How? For example, did you know that Saniflo’s macerating pumps can be part of an upflush (or macerating) toilet system, which can be installed on any finished floor, without excavation or adding pipes? We have a large selection of macerators to choose from, so you can always find the right macerator pump for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a macerator pump to support a full bathroom installation, or a smaller pump for a half-bath, we’re happy to help you find it.

What’s a Macerating Toilet Pump?

A macerating toilet pump is a unique tool. The word “macerate” means “to soften.” In the case of a toilet pump, a macerating pump works by grinding waste into a fine slurry, which it then pumps up and out of the unit. This maceration functionality allows sewer grinder pump systems to be installed in basements, closets, and other such areas.

The Benefits of Macerator Pumps

When you choose a macerating pump for your sewer grinder pump system, you’ll get to take advantage of a few unique benefits. These include the following:

  • Durability. Most Saniflo pumps will last for up to ten years before you need to replace any of their components. This durability outpaces most standard toilet systems, and is ideal for people who want low-maintenance systems.
  • Functionality. While macerating pumps work differently than most standard toilet systems, they excel in new bathroom installations. If you don’t want to invest tens of thousands of dollars in installing a standard bathroom, or don’t have a bathroom to renovate, a macerating pump provides the functionality you need, without the headache.
  • Simplicity. While the name “macerating pump” sounds fancy, these pumps are actually very straightforward. In addition to being simple to install, they contain few moving parts and are easy to operate. When the pump wears out, they’re also easy to replace. This makes them beginner-friendly and easy for even total plumbing novices to install.

Find Your Ideal Macerator Pumps Here

If you’re in the market for a macerator pump for your toilet, Saniflo has what you need. Shop our selection today to find a model you like and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.