Saniflo Macerator Toilets

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Saniflo first invented the macerating toilet in Europe in 1958. Today, Saniflo’s engineered macerator toilet is a standard fixture in Europe, but has only recently found its way to North America.

Dedicated to creating strong, durable units for households who wanted a hardworking macerator toilet, Saniflo started in the traditional bathroom fixture market and expanded out from there.

Today, Saniflo is a top choice for people who want to install a macerating toilet, or who are just starting to learn what a macerator can do for their home plumbing.

 Why Choose Macerating Toilets?

Macerating toilets are ideal for households who want to install a bathroom in a place where it may otherwise be difficult. Because they don’t require custom plumbing and can set up shop any place they have an electrical and water supply, macerator toilets go in simply, cleanly, and inexpensively, without the requirement that homeowners rip out floors or dump thousands of dollars into the bathroom.

How do Macerators Work?

Macerators use a rotating cutting blade designed to liquefy waste and move it to a separate area. The word “macerate” means “to soften” or “to break into pieces.” When you flush waste down a macerator toilet, the cutting blade engages and liquefies it in preparation to pump the waste into a sanitary sewer.

Because fine waste requires less power to move, it can be transported over a longer distance than larger blocks of waste, which makes it easy to install a macerating system virtually anywhere you please.

What’s more, since most macerators are equipped with grinders, they’re also capable of grinding up accidentally-flushed waste products, including feminine hygiene products, and transporting them to your sanitary sewer.

The Case for Macerating Toilets

While they’re relatively new in America, the macerator toilet has been around for years, and is a valuable solution for homeowners facing placement issues in their new bathrooms. By simplifying the process of adding a new bathroom to a home or office, macerating toilets allow you to get the full or half bathroom you’ve always dreamed of without the hassle, expense, and large renovation.