Saniflo SaniCOMPACT: Self-Contained Upflush Toilet

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Have a small space that needs a new toilet? Want to add a bathroom to that closet, basement, or odd nook? That’s no problem with the Saniflo Compact! Designed to make adding a bathroom easy, the Saniflo Compact is one of our top-selling models, and for good reason.

Pick one up if…

  • You want to put a bathroom in a very small space
  • You want a toilet that uses as little water as possible
  • You’re installing a toilet or bathroom for someone with limited physical abilities

Ideal for home, residential, and light commercial use, the Sanicompact is a durable toilet unit that’s modern and good-looking all at once.

Why The Sanicompact?

There are dozens of macerating toilet units out there, so why the Saniflo Sanicompact? The answer is simple: it’s the perfect toilet unit for most people who want a bathroom addition. Here are a few of the things customers love so much about it:

  • The SaniCompact is the simplest Saniflo toilet to install. In fact, there are only three connections you need to make: the toilet tank to the water supply, the macerating pump to the discharge pipe, and the macerating pump to the electrical supply. This makes it easy for even non-plumbers to install.
  • The unit is self-contained. Featuring a china toilet bowl and macerator and pump in a single, compact unit, this modern toilet works well for anyone with limited space or a smaller budget. You still get all the bang for your buck, but you don’t have to deal with a full-sized unit.
  • Minimal water consumption. The SaniCompact uses much less water than standard toilets. The dual flush version of this unit uses only 1.28 gallons per flush and is more efficient than most toilets.

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SaniCOMPACT Upflush Kit Includes

  1. SaniCOMPACT self-contained toilet bowl and macerating system
  2. FREE custom Toilet Seat!

SaniCOMPACT Benefits

The SaniCOMPACT is a system that is used to install a half bathroom up to 9 feet below the sewer line, or even up to 100 feet away from a soil stack. The SaniCOMPACT is designed to connect with:

  1. This SaniCOMPACT Uplush Toilet
  2. Any Sink
The SaniCOMPACT is a combination of a vitreous china toilet bowl and macerator/pump built into one compact unit.  This modern shaped self-contained china toilet is especially designed with several ideas in mind:

  • For situations where there is not enough space.
  • As a toilet that uses a minimum amount of water.
  • As a toilet for use with people that have physical limitations.

SaniCOMPACT Installation

The SaniCOMPACT is the simplest of all upflush toilets to install; there are just three connections.

  1. The toilet tank is connected to the water supply. 
  2. The macerating/pump is connected to the small diameter discharge pipe work. 
  3. The macerating/pump is connected to the electrical supply. 
Then optionally connect the discharge pipes from the sink.

SaniCOMPACT Function

The SaniCOMPACT needs no gravity flow tank as the flushing action and macerating pump cycle is automatic after pressing a push button on top of the bowl.  The flushing mechanism is electrically timed to allow water to pass through the toilet.

By pressing the push button, this activates a timer and a solenoid valve in order to fill and wash the sides of the bowl.  The motor starts and the waste and paper are sucked inside where it is macerated and pumped away.  The motor stops after approximately 10-15 seconds and the timer programs the refill of the bowl with fresh water.

The inside of the SaniCOMPACT comprises of a pressure switch and circuit board assembly, which starts and stops the unit, and the motor, which drives the blade and the pump.  The motor is sealed for life in an oil filled enclosure.  A common spindle/shaft drives the impeller and the macerator blades.  The moving parts therefore are kept to an absolute minimum.  Water and organic waste matter, enter the chamber and are reduced to slurry as the macerator blades rotate at 3600 RPM.  The reduced solids are picked up and the impeller mounted beneath the motor ejects the waste.  The unit pumps the effluent upward to 9 feet and/or 100 feet horizontally (with gravity fall).

The discharge elbow on the back of the SaniCOMPACT can be rotated 360 degrees to fit any type of installation required.  A non-return valve, which comes already assembled on the discharge elbow, prevents back flow into the unit. 

The SaniCOMPACT is a forced main and does not need to be vented and connected to a vent stack.  Other fixtures may need to be vented as per local plumbing codes. It is also highly recommended for the macerator/pump to be connected to a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) circuit.
The SaniCOMPACT has been certified to American and Canadian Standards.  Macerating standard; US: CSA Certified - ASME A112.3.4, CA: Macerating Standard CSA B45.9. 

SaniCOMPACT Water Conservation

The SaniCOMPACT uses much less water than a regular toilet. The standard dual flush version uses 1.28 gpf (4.8 lpf) and 1 gpf (3.8 lpf).  To choose either option, the unit is provided with a dual push button.  This option allows using less water than any regular toilet but with the same efficiency.

SaniCOMPACT Warranty

2-Year Full Manufacturer Warranty
Extended 3-Year Warranty with Product Registration (

How SaniFlo Works: Instructional Video





SaniCOMPACT Product Specifications


UPC#s 023



H18½" x W14½" x D21½"

H47cm x W36cm x D55cm 


Induction Motor

No carbon brushes or gears.

Tested over 30,000 cycles. 3600 rpm. 


110-115V; 60Hz; 15 Amps 

Usage 7.2 Amps


Horizontally to 100 ft (30m)

Gravity Fall on Horizontal installations: 1/4" per ft 

Pumps vertically to 9 ft (2.7m) 





Polypropylene, C.R.P., Stainless Steel, Neoprene






10–25 secs

subject to installation pipe run 

WATER PER FLUSH (Normal Flush)

1.28 US gal

4.8 liters


1 US gal

3.8 liters


More step-by-step installation guides and spec sheets available to our customers.
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