Shipping to Canada

Information on Shipping to Canada

With our new UPS shipping service to Canada, our Canadian customers can now directly order online, and have the convenience of same day UPS shipping, exactly as our USA customers have for years!

All of our standard Shipping and Returns policies apply, there are just two differences:

(1) Canadian Taxes

We cannot offer our "No Tax" promotion in Canada, as Canadian law requires taxes be paid on all internet orders. Tax is levied on the total amount of your purchases and shipping cost. Your tax will depend on your exact shipping address and will be automatically calculated at checkout.


Total Tax Rate (by Province)
  • Alberta 5%
  • British Columbia 12%
  • Manitoba 13%
  • New Brunswick 13%
  • Newfoundland and Labrador 13%
  • Northwest Territories 5%
  • Nova Scotia 15%
  • Nunavut 5%
  • Ontario 13%
  • Prince Edward Island 14% 
  • Quebec 14.975%
  • Saskatchewan 10%
  • Yukon 5%

Canadian Government Tax Reference


(2) Shipping Cost

Also, our "Free Shipping" option is not available for orders outside the continental USA. Note that shipping to Canada and within Canada is much more expensive than in the United States, and includes additional fees such as brokers and customs fees. 

Our checkout system will automatically calculate your shipping cost based on your delivery address, and show you the amount of shipping added in the shopping cart at checkout. The shipping amount shown is all inclusive, we will pay all brokers and customs fees for you.


No Additional Fees

Unlike many other online retailers, who will not charge the taxes and fees upfront, but then you're later confronted with a tax bill by the Canadian government that comes in the mail, our checkout system will automatically include:

  • Your Total Taxes
  • Your Total Shipping, Customers and Brokerage fees

So we will automatically pay all of these fees for you directly to the appropriate entity.
Once you check out from our website, you don't have anything else to worry about.

Click. Checkout. You're all set!


Canada FAQs

Will I incur additional costs in Canada, once I get my order?

No! We are the Shipper of Record and will cover all costs (Taxes, Fees, Customs Clearance Fees) directly with the Canadian Government and UPS.

Are all items available to ship to Canada?

All Saniflo products are available for shipping to Canada. The only items we currently cannot ship across the border are the Bemis toilet seats. If you do include a Bemis toilet seat in your order, that amount will be refunded to your credit card, and the rest of the items in your order will ship per usual. 

How fast can you ship?

Just as our USA orders, we will process and ship all Canadian orders (received before 2pm EST) on the same business day. Orders received after 2pm EST will ship on the following business day.

How long till I receive my order?

Delivery time will vary greatly based on your actual shipping address and also many other factors: the time of year, weather, UPS delays and holiday schedules, customs delays etc. While we try to have most orders delivered in just 4-5 business days we have absolutely no control over customs or UPS once the items leave our warehouse, so please do not schedule any plumbers or contractors until your entire order arrives safely.

All other questions

Shipping and Returns policies apply to Canadian customers, just as they do to USA customers. So please see our Shipping and Returns policies page for all other questions.
If your question still isn't adequately answered, please feel free to call or email our customer service team, any time!